Lucille Dweck - Refresh Art Award Winner 2019 - Recent Work

Since the absolute highlight of last year that was the Refresh Art award I have been up to this and that!

First of all when the award happened I was in the almost impossible throws of trying to find a studio.  I did have a wonderful studio at the beginning of last year that was called ‘Kindred Studios’ that was housed in an old school that held 170 creatives. It had a strong supportive community feel about it and was the perfect balance of community and the aloneness necessary to create. I found it almost impossible to find a suitable studio after we had to leave. (the building was sold). First of all I was in a very grim studio in Wembley that was affordable.. but was a scarey place to be. Then I moved to a great studio in Hornsey town hall. A fabulous Art Deco building used in lots of films for its unique and beautiful old decor, but I was only there for 3 moths before I had to move as it was being totally refurbished and turned into a hotel and Arts centre. Then a friend of mine (who could afford it) came up with an idea of renting an apartment near her house in Primrose hill and renting out the rooms as studios. She was going to heavily subsidies it. After a month of using that same kind friends empty house we moved in. It was such an upheaval every time. My output was definitely slowed by the moving so much.

After painting Sunburst which was in your exhibition I painted ‘Son Sparkles” 32x26 inch. This painting was inspired by a moment of my son lying in the shallow water of the beach. The brilliant sun reflected on the waters surface danced as my son drifted into a deep calm. It struck me that the sparkling shards of light playing on the waters surface around his head poetically represented the brilliance and effortlessness of his sharp joyful mind. I wanted to share this moment of surrender and calm with the viewer. To deliver a moment of trust. The painting is strongly figurative but at the same time the brush strokes and marks are not compromised. The painting is made of small marks of substantial consistency that knit across the surface of the canvas asserting the illusion of the image and the reality of the paint at the same moment. Then “Sun Pool’23 x16’ Inches This painting captures a moment with my son in a swimming pool in the south of France. I am ever fascinated with the source of light which enables our vision. The sun plays centre stage in this work. The reciprocity of the water through the reflections, the glimpses beyond and the surface itself all come together to describe this moment immersed in nature and stillness. As always in my work the realism never compromises the integrity of the paint, brush strokes and canvas surface, so the illusion and the painting are held together in a magical bond. The message here is positive and uplifting. “Sun Pool” was painted during the time I was moving from studio to studio. I spent far too long on it. Endlessly trying to resolve this small painting. In the end it was abandoned rather than resolved. As I grow in confidence and understanding I realise that it’s not about making a painting that works, or you judge as good. All the work I make reflects me. Different aspects, thoughts and feelings and any piece can communicate strongly at any time or moment.

I then started “To Wander in the Water” A painting about bathing in the Serpentine Lido in the summer. I wanted to express a moment of being immersed in nature and convey the feeling of stillness and calm amongst the water endlessly changing, creating abstract forms .I enjoyed the fact that most of this painting was made up of abstract shapes and colours yet reads as very figurative. I started this painting just before moving into my current studio and finished it there. As with every move it takes a while to get familiar with the new feel of a place/studio. It was while painting this canvas that I made that transition. My next painting was ‘In the Orchard” 32 x 24 Inches My partner has an orchard in Hassocks near Brighton. The orchard is magical place left quite wild, full of birds, bees and natural wildlife. Inspired by a moment when the evening sun glimpsed through the trees. Caught on camera creating a photograph with equally magical light flares. The painting took me quite a while to work through all that was going on in it. In this studio a painting I created a couple of years ago Moonlight’ 61 x48 Inches Sits in the corridor and I see it a lot. I felt it was talking to me. There was something about trees I needed to explore. So I started painting “In the Orchard”. I get very excited about painting figuratively things that you can’t touch, have a magical quality, like the light. In this painting I have painted light flares. These can be found in photography but don’t really exist to our eyes yet they resonate so strongly.

The current painting I am working on, again was again inspired by my ‘Moonlight’ painting. I had a painting showing at the newly reopened Riverside Studios in December 2019. About 25 years ago (!) I used to have a studio at Palace Warf by the river near Hammersmith. While I walked along the riverside I felt there was something really calling me. Here it is… In progress I have brought it home from my studio to keep working on it although not sure how practical it will be painting in my bedroom!

Heres my studio…

Since showing with you last year I have taken part in a few group shows. Actually one was more or less at the same time as yours. So I showed with Riverside Artists Group, Central Space Gallery in Shepherd’s Bush London. The exhibition was called Dividing Line. I was exhibiting ‘Moonlight’ ‘Son Sparkles’ And a portrait of my Mother ‘My Late Mother: a Momentary Reprieve on her Last Journey’  18 x 14 Inches

Here is the writing I included for the exhibition showing how my work fitted in the context of Dividing Line

Dividing line:

The boundary between two areas, or a distinction or set of distinctions marking the difference between two things that are closely related.

All of the paintings I have on show here represent a place between two physiological worlds as well as between figurative illusion and the nature of paint and marks.

In ‘Moonlight’ a shadowy man dissolves into the darkness of the midnight scene.

The painting points to the moment when the subject merges with nature. The physiological move from the boundaries of the individual to an integration with the universe, which happens so often in stillness and nature.

The marks and brushstrokes knit across the canvas, unifying, yet none the less, beyond the surface a moment in nature is clearly represented .

As in ‘Son Sparkles’

The man (my son) lies in the water and drifts into union with his surroundings .

The water and the dancing sparkling light that shimmers across the waters surface seem to work in unison with his dreams and thoughts,representing a magical inspiration that may come from his not striving, letting go.

The paint clearly asserts its materiality through dots and dashes, in many places thick but the representation is not compromised. The dividing line between illusion and the stuff of paint.

My mother ( a momentary reprise on her last journey)

My mother died last year. She had been very ill. I was at her bedside and she came back from the other realms she was exploring in that moment and spoke to me with extreme affection . She was well for another couple of weeks before her final decline.

This painting marks the moment between these two realms. The dividing line between life and death.

I then took part in Autumn 2019 in the Artbox at The Swiss Art Expo with a digital image of ‘Son Sparkles’ blown up on a screen. I exhibited ‘Sun Pool’ with the Notting Hill Artists group in Portobello Rd. After that I showed ‘Sun Pool’ at the opening of the newly refurbished Riverside Studios with RAG from December to January. In January I showed,’To Wander in The Water’ at the J/M Gallery on Portobello Road in London. Part of the Portobello Artists New Years Group. That was the last show, and now as any forthcoming shows have been cancelled and the art competitions are not coming up with any appealing options I’m just into making the art.

Actually having said that I have signed up for the Artquest Challenge of making a piece of work every day for the next 30 days. I thought it would be a good discipline. You can see them on my instagram account.@lucilledweck.


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