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Q & As with Dex Hannon

1. How did you hear about Refresh Art Award and what made you want to enter?

It was on Curatorspace website. I liked the look of the competition. It also wasn't asking for ridiculous amounts of money. 

2. What was your highlight from being part of Refresh Art Award?Being Shortlisted and nipping off to London and meeting the organisers and artists. 

3. What advice might you give to someone interested in entering the next competition?

Do it. Great for getting your work seen, the organisers are very passionate about sharing and promoting your work, getting people to talk about the work. 

4. What is the most important thing to you as an artist?

This can be physical or internal.Being able to create. To be able to see something and translate it into something new. 'What else can it be?' Keeping my childlike wonder alive. 

5. What inspires your current art practice?

My work is inspired by the music and words I create, or others create, I translate it into something visual, reinterpret into an abstract illusory work, stripping it down to as simple of form as possible but retaining the illusion of depth and space in the painting. 

6. Where do you see your artwork going next?

Sugar Pop Dream Factory, Dex Hannon

I have just been chosen to feature in the Contempo Annual art book due out later in the year and have just begun working with Tiziana Maggio Art Consultancy, so keep going, keep pushing and enjoying the journey whilst painting.


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