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Q & As with Emma Louise Hollaway

1. How did you hear about Refresh Art Award and what made you want to enter?

I saw the open call in a University of the Arts London mail shot which details upcoming open calls.  I was really drawn to the description of the award, and its belief that anyone making art today is the face of contemporary art, even if they're not represented by a high profile gallery

2. What was your highlight from being part of Refresh Art Award?

Getting the email that I'd be part of it!  I'm so used to getting rejection emails... I tend to work by myself and my work is very labour intensive so it can be difficult to self motivate when you're only getting rejections.  Winning the Drawing Special Mention Prize was incredible of course.

3. What advice might you give to someone interested in entering the next competition?

Just go for it - it's amazing to see your work in an online gallery and have the opportunity to sell with constant promotion.  I've loved looking through all of the other works, especially the drawings.

4. What is the most important thing to you as an artist? This can be physical or internal.

The most important thing is my constant fascination with drawing and drawings.  Drawing is a slippery medium, and what it means is very personal and constantly changing.  My approach to drawing is quite restricted compared to other drawing practices and I love the constant challenge of where my practice sits within a wider context.

5. What inspires your current art practice?

My current practice is heavily centred on art history and finding a hidden lineage of draughtswomen within it.  My research is focussed on the copy and copying, and what this method of learning can mean within contemporary drawing practice.


6. Where do you see your artwork going next?

I'm getting really into outdated teaching technologies, especially slides.  I'm using a slide pack from the Women's Art Library to create a installation piece that mimics the grand decorative schemes from art history.  I'll be exhibiting in a group exhibition with other drawings in July (4th-7th; 11th-14th www.drawingoutofdarkness.weebly.com

Slide Pack, Emma Louise Hollaway


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