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Q & As with Frank Vescio

1. How did you hear about Refresh Art Award and what made you want to enter?

I receive  Curator Space by e-mail and saw on there. I liked the fact that you were looking for artists who were not part of the recognised gallery circuit etc. I am a fulltime high school art teacher and thought I might as well apply.

2. What was your highlight from being part of Refresh Art Award?

Well, I was a little disappointed because I did not meet too many people and felt that my piece was placed literally in the entrance of the gallery so that people did not really stop to look at it. The obvious body of people mingled in the main section of the gallery space. I felt kind of left out but that was normal in the sense it was a self-portrait so the idea of expressing a contemporary political or social issue, was not expressed in my self-portrait.

3. What advice might you give to someone interested in entering the next competition?

Read clearly the criteria and intent of the art show or curation.

4. What is the most important thing to you as an artist? This can be physical or internal.

Well, I have for years painted and exhibited the social environment and local population especially the African migrants of Eastern Paris and also the urban and hip-hop culture. After the Paris Terrorist attacks in 2015, I was devastated and depressed. I decided from that point on I would paint images that dealt purely with the formal aspects of image making to create drawings and paintings that would be aesthetically pleasing to look at and bring a calming and peaceful effect to the viewer. 

5. What inspires your current art practice?

Well I actually answered this question above. I create abstractions based on organic and calligraphic forms adding colour using coloured pencils and acrylic paint.

6. Where do you see your artwork going next?

Well, I may continue to do portraits like the self-portrait but my work is very dependent on my personal experiences so that I cannot predict.


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