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Q & As with Lucille Dweck

1. How did you hear about Refresh Art Award and what made you want to enter?

I was received an email telling me about the award and I thought I would apply.

2. What was your highlight from being part of Refresh Art Award?§

Definitely when I realised I had won! I was very touched by how Geogina introduced the announcement by saying how she and Shefall had both decided separately that my painting was the winning piece. It felt very validating. Often working as an artist, which is a very solitary pursuit, and applying to the many art awards and competitions , you get used to a sea of rejections. It is not unusual to have doubts. This felt very reassuring, especially as the competition was completely independent, so the award came from an unbiased response I also really enjoyed meeting the other artists when hanging the work and at the opening. The show had some great pieces of work in it which was enhanced when meeting the artists who made them. When looking at a piece of work you are never sure what aspect of the artist /art you are responding to, but when you meet them you often understand with more depth the piece of work and what you are resonating with.

3. What advice might you give to someone interested in entering the next competition?

Do it! You may be surprised!

4. What is the most important thing to you as an artist? This can be physical or internal.

Well I would say truth. For a piece of work to be truly captivating in needs to be in complete alignment with the artist. Unselfconscious, syncronised with the artists feeling and energy.. In that way you have art that actually tells you something about the nature of humanity. The unexpected originality that has the weight of someones truth will speak more captivatingly than any assumed artistic foil.


5. What inspires your current art practice?

Well my inspiration always seems to come from the natural world, (or particular people who’s portrait I want to paint.) At the moment I am exploring the effect of light on the water. Reflections and starbursts which help to reveal the water itself. I usually want the whole painting to show a moment of letting go, of merging with the natural world, so I will use a figure in the natural scene as a motif for this. Water endlessly inspires me., but rather than a large mass of sea or ocean its the more personal relationship to water I want to express. Perhaps because of this I will use my son, myself or my partner as the figure in the painting, people who are close to me...

6. Where do you see your artwork going next?

Well I want to go further with exploring light on water, the sunlight in nature and nighttime with the effect of the light of the moon. Its all about light!


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