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Q & As with Phoebe Shaw

1. How did you hear about Refresh Art Award and what made you want to enter? I saw Refresh Art Award being promoted online, it caught my attention with it's alternative manifesto and image, and I was drawn to it's fresh and different approach as a contemporary art award.

2. What was your highlights from being a part of Refresh Art Award? The highlights were numerous including the moment I was informed that my artwork had been shortlisted from nearly 600 other entrants to exhibit in the first Refresh Art Award exhibition, together with the realisation that I would be exhibiting along side 23 other talented artists at 5th Base Gallery in Whitechapel. This was an inspiring process for me which culminated in the buzz of the  private view night at the gallery.

3.What advice might you give to someone interested in entering the next competition? Go for it! Even if you don't get shortlisted, Refresh Art award will still offer social media promotion to all entrants so you have nothing to lose.

4.What is the most important thing to you as an artist? This can be physical or internal. The most important thing to me as an artist are opportunities to exhibit my work, and to raise awareness through my concept. As a recent Fine Art graduate I believe it is vital that there is more support and exposure for the young contemporary artists of today.

  5.What inspires your current art practice?

I am inspired by my passion to raise awareness of dyslexia through my own personal experience. I explore ways to communicate this by the creation of a communicative language through the use of mark-making.

I abstract form and line from my self-portraits to create personal drawings that visualise the chaotic, transient nature of my thoughts and ideas. I am particularly inspired by the visual stress I experience when processing text.

Rivers of White, Phoebe Shaw

6.Where do you see your artwork going next? I want to continue to explore my concept and processes in new and innovative ways as part of my evolving art practice. I will continue raising awareness of the positive aspects of dyslexia and the gifts it has given me as a dyslexic artist.


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