Apparently if you go home with someone, consent is assumed... Alexandra Greasby

£9,000.00 Regular Price
£495.00Sale Price
  • This is one painting for a series of five. They highlight numerous real life sexual violent incidences that have occurred to students at university. Each painting represents their stories and hopefully will help anything like this from happening to even just one other person. Each painting has a hidden uv element to the painting that tells this story and is only revealed when a black light is used on the canvas that it is revealed. My painting is priced accordingly to the amount of money lost to such an event taking place. A years tuition fee at university. Although really such a life altering event can not have a price on it, I put my fingers up to them, and to anyone who thinks it is ok to be the instigator of sexual violence or harassment. This series of work comes from a very personal place, and along with the four other paintings creates a real shock factor. Although I am not posting them in this competition, if these piece sells, the other four would be part of that price.

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