Catalyst, Phoebe Shaw

  • My focus is on creating a communicative language through the use of mark-making. With a desire to visualise my dyslexic cognitive reasoning and responses, I abstract form and line from my self-portrait to create personal drawings that visualise the chaotic, transient nature of my thoughts and ideas. I am interested in the concept of drawings as a 'language activity', and how it can be used as a form of communication. I conduct an exploration into how abstract figuration; the line, mark, amorphic shapes in drawings relates directly to the elements of a sentence. I am interested in using marks to visually reflect the movement I experience when processing text, with varying densities of line which appear to undulate on the paper, I am able to create drawings that can be perceived in numerous ways. Through my practice I want to increase the awareness and understanding of living with dyslexia by creating visual responses to my own experiences.

© 2020 by Refresh Art Award 

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