Crowds, Erin Liljegren

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  • Madison, Wisconsin-based artist Erin Liljegren loves re-purposing discarded items into her work to give them a second chance at life. Primarily focusing on 2-dimensional surfaces in paint, drawing, and printmaking, the surfaces used are often recycled cardboard, wood scraps to packing materials. The subject matter of her work, relates to the material Erin chooses and her art explores concepts such as: environmental issues, deprivation of resources, factory production, social injustice, capitalism, human habitat and politics. Although these topics tend to be heavy in nature, bright colors and a satirical slant make her work approachable. Erin received her BFA from UW-Madison in 2007 and continues to enjoy life there with her husband and son. “People and their environment, and the impacted environment from people, are the main concepts in my work. My art comments on politics, human rights, social and physical space among people, industry, and societal and environmental decay.”"

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