No Future, Fred Fabre

  • Fred Fabre, born in Paris, works and lives in London

    Fabre began his varied and colourful career as a drawer and animator before turning to video journalism, working in many of the world’s conflicts. He moved to London in 1997 and has worked closely with the BBC as a BAFTA winning director of photography before moving on to painting full time after doing an MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art in 2007. 

    Fabre’s paintings are a continual explorations of colour and form as a mean to explore the essence and energy of a place or a person to express the expansion of the inner life. In his latest paintings Fabre uses the concept of mental time travel to tie the past and future together either by re-exploring past iconic representations and/or projecting his sitters forward into time to represent possible future events.

© 2020 by Refresh Art Award 

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