digitalart_unframed. The artwork is 120cm x 100cm and is a textile print that is suitable for the space as the artist can print it smaller if necessary.

Spitscape 1, Fiona Macphee

  • The Bacilli Landscapes project was borne out of a curiosity of the destructive processes that occur in our bodies that result in the need for medical intervention. Using the synergies of digital and analogue photographic mediums as an alternative process to definitive scientific tests, the images are the results of exploratory analysis of how the artists own micro-organisms evolve and consume. In capturing the process, the organic structures have created desolate and fragile landscapes, characterising life’s mutability.
    This is the artist statement that goes with my submission but to explain it further; I have used a medium format developed negative, placed it in a petri dish with some agar and my saliva and cultivated it for 2 weeks then I used a microscope to capture segments of the negatives which has produced a wide range of images that I found to be comparable to landscapes. I have experimented with various materials, paper, video and epoxy resin for presentation purposes but it works well on a lightweight muslin material at a size of 120cm x 220cm. They are affectionately known as my spitscapes.
    I am currently studying an MFA Photography at UCA Farnham having finished my degree in May 2018. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of 2016 and have developed in interest in the body and internal workings and use my imagination to create work from body fluids,

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