This Is Me, Nigel Rudkin

  • To see yourself in the mirror and look away; to enter a room and hope there’s another kindred fat woman there, so you don’t feel like the odd one out, disliked, shunned, pitied maybe..; to hear people talk about weight loss and dieting in glowing terms and realise by implication that your weight is being disparaged; to feel self-disgust at that weakness… The acceptance of self, the realisation of self-worth at whatever weight you may be, are key to making this journey. If you never see yourself depicted as a person of beauty, as a worthy of love, respect, desire... you begin to think that you are not worthy of those things. I believe very strongly that representation matters ~ but what does that really mean? ~ it means different things to different people but to me it is at the heart of my art - it means presenting the fat female form in a positive, joyful, life-affirming way.

© 2020 by Refresh Art Award 

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